Why do I love what I do?  It’s fascinating, I can never get bored and I love seeing results… So just to give you a breakdown of my current case load…  I love what I do because I feel as though I am making a difference and creating new and lasting connections. ASTECCians….please share. Would […]

I am so filled with gratitude. Thank you, thank you. On a particularly difficult morning in which I was wrestling with the business side of MLD, I was reminded of the real purpose of my work. I returned home from a gratifying hands-on session with an elderly client suffering with severe pain down her legs […]

Not long ago I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Spa owners and their managers. Before beginning my talk I asked them what ‘Spa’ meant to them and the words ‘indulgent’, ‘pampering’, ‘luxury’, ‘beauty’, ‘cosmetic’ and ‘product’ filled the room. Not one person mentioned ‘therapeutic’ or ‘rejuvenating’  let alone  ‘life changing’ and my […]

Recently, it’s been a whirlwind. Today I’m in Deer Valley doing a Thermastone training with ASTECC teacher-in-training, Ashley Jo. Last week I was in Naples, Florida teaching Dr. Vodder’s Basic Body program to a group of therapists associated with the Ritz. Week before it was Aroma-Reflex at Grand Del Mar in San Diego. In two […]

It’s All About The Environment In my last blog I discussed the fluid body and the vital role our inner ocean (aka – our cellular environment ) plays in our health and wellbeing. To expand on this subject I would like to share with you the fascinating and inspiring story of Alexis Carrel – a […]

Spa Wellness was at its peak in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Its base came from the pioneers like, Vincent Priessnitz,  (1799-1852) Sebastion Kneipp, (1824-1897) and others who risked their freedom and their reputations in carrying out naturopathic hydrotherapy procedures which offered a cure to the sick who visited them.  Considered ‘charlatans’ by the […]

The question of case histories came up recently and as I reflected on this subject I realized that my most significant case histories all involved the use of Aromatherapy.  This has given me pause for thought, for while Aromatherapy was my first post graduate certification in 1978 –  yes more than forty years ago I […]

So here it is—Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is in vogue. It is finally being recognized as the vital treatment for health and beauty that it surely is. Unfortunately, as it soars to recognition in the “trending forecasts,” clarity regarding true lymphatic therapy seems to elude the media and consequently the consumer. So what exactly is […]

Will it be like the plague in the 14th century which wiped out millions of people – an estimated one third of the European population? Take a deep breath and relax. It won’t. We have much better sanitation, better communication and a better grasp as to how to overcome a virus such as ‘Covid-19. Over […]

This is Charlotte,  someone dear to me and who I rarely see.  For many years she was my client, then she was my daughter’s client and now she is being seen by my daughter’s niece. So when I think about it, we, as a family, have become engaged not on a day to day friendship […]

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