Astecc seamlessly integrates the art, beauty, and science of therapeutic techniques, bridging the gaps between esthetics and body education, holistic and medical approaches, and the realms of physical and emotional well-being. Centered on health, wellness, and inner beauty, our Esthetician and Therapist trainings prioritize analysis, therapeutic techniques, protocols, and the application of natural elements, offering specialized courses in Dr. Vodder’s MLD, Connective Tissue, Aroma and Reflex Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Thalassotherapy, and Bio-Chemical Elements. Our programs harness the rejuvenating power of touch and natural elements to restore tissue integrity and promote holistic well-being.

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Astecc empowers estheticians and body practitioners to become leaders in sustainable wellness, emphasizing the art of true rejuvenation through natural techniques and profound knowledge.


ASTECC believes in education. That true education means understanding. It is not teaching you what to think. But to understand. To understand enough to ask questions. To seek solutions. To question what has been taught. To live in curiosity.
And a deepening awareness.
To ask why, and then how.
How can I be most effective provider.

Our Promise to You.

Anne Bramham

A respected industry mentor with more than 45 years of professional experience as a consultant, program designer and teacher of spa therapies, Anne Bramham is the founder of ASTECC. She is also a certified plant based coach.

With a focus on the therapeutic and regenerative value of natural, holistic spa services, the ASTECC curriculum serves as a bridge between the worlds of traditional rehabilitation and holistic wellness. Widely regarded as the gold standard of post graduate education, the ASTECC curriculum provides training in the disciplines of Hydrotherapy, Soft Tissue, Chemical Elements and Clinical MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage).

An instructor of Dr.Vodder’s MLD since 1995, Anne has played an instrumental role in introducing MLD to the US medical, esthetic and spa wellness communities. In 1996, she opened one of the first hospital based lymphedema treatment centers in the US ( Boca Raton Community Hospital). In 2006, based on the teachings of Dr Emil Vodder, Anne created the MLD Clinical Wellness and Holistic Esthetic Certification programs.

Specializing in creating MLD treatment programs specific to the needs of the guest, Anne’s MLD programs have been adopted by top resort destinations throughout the US including the award winning Spa Montage, Canyon Ranch, Fairmont Grand Del Mar, Civana and Rancho Valencia. In 2019 American Spa Magazine named Anne ‘Educator of the Year.’


Leah Bramham CARVER

Leah Carver is a certified ASTECC teacher, head of the Holistic Esthetician Program and a spa wellness coach. She a CIDESCO diplomat and the author of Undoing Hashimoto’s. Leah is a yoga teacher with over 800 hours of study and has completed a 200 hour Ayurvedic course through the Himalayan Institute. Leah considers her work with holistic estheticians to be some of her most meaningful work. She is passionate about bringing ancient teachings and philosophy to the modern world in a way that is both healing and accessible. With over 25 years of experience in the industry Leah believes it is vital that she teach true rejuvenation and the language of the skin.

Leah has been taught by some of the most amazing teachers within these industries. She holds an ASTECC certification for Spa Therapies from Anne Bramham and studied Lymphatic drainage under Hildegard Wittlinger of The Dr Vodder School.. She has owned both a spa and yoga studio. Leah has traveled across the United States teaching at spa’s like Spa Montage and Canyon Ranch and while she teaches most of the astecc curriculum she has a special love for Connective tissue and Hydrotherapy and the business of astecc. Leah also hosts retreats.

She lives in Hot Springs, North Carolina and enjoys morning coffee watching the sun rise over the mountains and evening walks noticing the changes in nature everyday.


Our Values

Creating an environment of trust and transparency rooted in integrity and respect.

To serve our students and community with the highest level of care and compassion.

Mindful of our body's connection to the planet, we recognize our elemental unity with nature.

We embody these values in our interactions with all of our clients and practitioners.


Kari Zwickel

Carol Anne Roine

Jen Siqueiros

Vanessa Barger

After studying health education at the University of New Mexico and working in dermatology, I delved into holistic esthetics with Aveda, later becoming an integrative Nutritional Health Coach. However, it was my discovery of ASTECC that truly transformed my practice, allowing me to witness remarkable changes in my clients' skin. With almost 25 years of industry experience, my passion lies in empowering and inspiring fellow estheticians to bring meaningful treatments to their clients.

Born and raised in the USA, my international experiences in Austria, France, the US Virgin Islands, and Finland have shaped my expertise in refining treatments at prestigious hotel spas. Currently based in Finland, I operate a Wellness Clinic and aim to teach the ASTECC MLD curriculum, driven by my conviction in the positive impact of MLD on clients' wellbeing and its essential role in skin and body health.


Jen, an experienced esthetician, embarked on a journey to connect skin health and overall well-being, delving into functional medicine coaching. Understanding the profound link between lymph, vitality, and skin rejuvenation, she prioritized Manual Lymph Drainage, aligning perfectly with her holistic philosophy. Now part of the ASTECC team, Jen is eager to share Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage teachings with fellow estheticians, enabling them to cultivate purposeful and skillful practices.

With extensive experience as a lead esthetician and medical assistant for a plastic surgeon, Vanessa returned to her holistic roots by establishing her skin care clinic in Missoula, Montana, emphasizing the importance of inner balance for healthy skin. Discovering MLD through ASTECC, she recognized the missing link and persistently pursued certification, ultimately integrating MLD as a transformative treatment. Now part of the ASTECC teaching team, Vanessa shares her expertise and belief in the power of MLD.




Licensed Esthetician & Integrative Health Coach

Licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and a Vodder Certified Lymphedema Therapist, (MLD/CDT) CIDESCO

Licensed Esthetician and Functional
Medicine Coach

Licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and a Vodder Certified Lymphedema Therapist, MLD/CDT

KARI Zwickel 

Licensed Esthetician & Integrative Health Coach

I studied health education at the University of New Mexico while working in a dermatology practice. It was during this period I became fascinated with skin care but sought another approach, as while the medications worked when administered, skin issues seemed to return once the treatment program was over. 

My first training in esthetics was with Aveda a more holistic approach but there was still a need to resolve issues. For this reason I became an integrative Nutritional Health Coach and while this definitely provided some answers it did not help with treatments. That is when I discovered ASTECC. Lightbulb time! 

Once I started introducing these different modalities into the treatment room I was blown away by the results I was seeing. My clients' skin was beginning to change underneath my fingers & before my eyes. After almost 25 years in the industry, being able to touch, nurture, empower and inspire other estheticians has become my passion. It is truly magical when you teach others treatments that bring true meaning to their work.


Carol Anne Roine

Licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and a Vodder Certified Lymphedema Therapist, (MLD/CDT) CIDESCO

While born and raised in the USA I have had the opportunity to live and work in other parts of the world such as Austria, France, the US Virgin Islands and Finland, which has afforded great learning experiences leading to the opportunity to refine, create and implement treatents in some of the respected hotel spas I have worked with. Finland is where I currently live and run my Wellness Clinic and it is here I plan to teach the ASTECC MLD curriculum. 

First introduced to MLD over 18 years ago, I knew with certainty this was an area I wanted to pursue. In fact, it was in taking classes with Hildegard Wittlinger and Anne Bramham that I was filled with enthusiasm for this important and meaningful work and I was compelled to study massage in order to certify and practice as a certified therapist (MLD/CDT). I know I have a positive impact on my clients’ wellbeing and feel inspired to share this valuable work. I BELIEVE MLD is essential for both the health of the skin and the body. I am thrilled to become a part of the ASTECC team whose teachings continue to inspire. and motivate.


Jen Siqueiros

Licensed Esthetician and Functional Medicine Coach

In practicing esthetics Jen, like many, sought answers to skin problems - thus began a journey of linking health and beauty by exploring wellbeing via a functional medicine coaching program that explained the interconnectedness of skin and body. It was through this journey she began to understand the connections we as humans have to earth and the similarity that exists of all that live in relationship to the flow of life giving waters whether through the land or through the body terrain. Lymph, its connection to wellbeing, defense and to regeneration/rejuvenation kept appearing in her learnings and as an esthetician Manual Lymph Drainage became a priority.

ASTECC’s teachings allowed her to practice and treat skin in a way that resonated perfectly with her philosophy. Now, excited to be a part of the ASTECC team she is enthusiastic to share the teachings of Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage with other estheticians - providing them with the skills them to develop an artful and purposeful practice.


Vanessa Barger

Licensed Esthetician, Massage
Therapist and a Vodder Certified Lymphedema Therapist, MLD/CDT

Vanessa has extensive experience working with a plastic surgeon as lead esthetician and medical assistant. However, she returned to her roots as a holistic practitioner when she opened her own skin care clinic in Missoula, Montana. Vanessa firmly believes that healthy skin is achieved by creating balance within the body. In learning MLD via ASTECC she knew she had found the missing link. 

Due to her parents poor health Vanessa was convinced that she could truly improve their quality of life with therapeutic MLD - to this end she persisted in petitioning the Vodder School and Anne to allow her to attend the MLD wellness Program Anne had developed as a part of the Vodder School curriculum. The benefits were life changing and this further convinced Vanessa that MLD was a valuable treatment for all. In pursuing certification as an LMT Vanessa began a whole body approach to health and beauty and completed the MLD/CDT program via ASTECC and Hildegard Wittlinerg of the International Vodder School. Vanessa has joined the teaching team at ASTECC to share her experience, belief and skill set in MLD.


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