Anne Bramham’s Spa Training Adventures Unleash the Power of MLD

Recently, it’s been a whirlwind. Today I’m in Deer Valley doing a Thermastone training with ASTECC teacher-in-training, Ashley Jo. Last week I was in Naples, Florida teaching Dr. Vodder’s Basic Body program to a group of therapists associated with the Ritz. Week before it was Aroma-Reflex at Grand Del Mar in San Diego. In two weeks we’ll be in Hot Springs, N.C. for a Therapy I / Spa Body Wellness Dr. Vodder training.

Then back to the West Coast.

No complaints here. It’s what we do. And it’s always fun. We love it.

A word about the Ritz: Over the years I’ve done some training for the Naples property but I don’t recall ever working with a more enthusiastic group. They jumped in, worked hard, and never looked back. MLD, as many of you know, isn’t the easiest thing to learn but the team, to a person, stayed focused and were positively giddy about the results. Some of their comments:

“Every person in this training has felt the effects of this treatment”.

“I can breathe better”.

“Look at the difference in my leg – the swelling is reduced. The color is so much better”.

“I slept seven hours straight last night for the first time in two years”.

“I am running cool. The fire I feel inside has calmed down.”

“My stomach is definitely responding.”

“I feel wonderful.”

“Last night a friend told me I hadn’t looked so good in years. It was great to hear. Really great! “

It’s amazing what we can accomplish with the right tools.

Regretfully, I didn’t make it to the Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Morocco this past September. GSWS, it appears, is firmly rooted in Wellness and has done a good job of researching Tourism trends that point to an ever growing demand for wellness services. You can read their latest research here.

I hope they’re right.

I would love to see our industry grow into an expression of its true potential. And just like last week’s MLD students… a little learning and some new skills will go a long way.

On the Road to Wellness,


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