At Home Spa Journey: Harnessing Hydrotherapy for Modern Immunity

Spa Wellness was at its peak in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Its base came from the pioneers like, Vincent Priessnitz,  (1799-1852) Sebastion Kneipp, (1824-1897) and others who risked their freedom and their reputations in carrying out naturopathic hydrotherapy procedures which offered a cure to the sick who visited them.  Considered ‘charlatans’ by the medics, nature doctors were often persecuted, but many who persisted after imprisonment or falling into disfavor, were eventually redeemed and were called upon to care to the needs of royal personage and their courtiers. 

Often their goal was to create a fever.  Fever is the friend of the hydrotherapist, a controlled fever, one that stays below the danger zone (105-6). Symptoms of Coronavirus include fever.  This is your body’s natural immune response attempting to destroy the invading aggressor.   A fever is a good thing until it is not.  But that ‘until it is not’ is something that should be respected.

A virus cannot be destroyed by antibiotics, but high heat creates an inhospitable environment for numerous pathogens.

The corona group of viruses reportedly falls into this category.

The practice of naturopathic hydrotherapy fell out of favor when antibiotics were introduced and  rendered harmless certain diseases.  Today we face the challenge, of what do we do when  antibiotics don’t work.

By following the basic remedies of a spa curist, we are able to raise our temperature to creating a safe fever.  If you are lucky enough to have a sauna in your home, this is a great time to make frequent use of it.

But if not – there is the cold sheet wrap, a treatment made famous by Priessnitz.  Find instructions on our website by clicking here.

A hot bath, raising your body temperature to 103 degrees and maintaining it for 20 minutes will destroy most pathogens.  Careful monitoring is required.  Hot and Cold contrast bathing also works to raise the temperature.

Local compresses may be applied draw out infection.  

When I was a teenager, I remember hanging my head over a bowl of steaming water,  that same simple approach, with the addition of Eucalyptus essential oil, which is anti viral in nature, will facilitate the heating of the sinus tract, the vulnerable region under attack in corona virus.

Water is just one of the tools the nature cure offers….there are more

Watch this space.

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