A Week in the Life of an ASTECC Therapist

Why do I love what I do?  It’s fascinating, I can never get bored and I love seeing results…

So just to give you a breakdown of my current case load…

  • Middle aged woman: A fractured wrist with restricted range of motion, still suffering from nagging pain and discomfort after 7 months.  Performed MLD. Checked in with her this morning and pain symptoms are down dramatically and wrist is holding nicely.  Will continue to work to release related entrapment resulting from being protective of the wrist/arm for several months post-injury.  
  • Female ( sixty years old ) Client does not sleep well and has not dreamed for years.  Performed Aroma Reflex Therapy: Slept really well – still no dreams but feeling deep sense of underlying grief which she had been pushing away.
  • Female ( early seventies) A fractured maxilla and massive hematoma from being knocked off a bicycle. Performed MLD. Inflammation reduced significantly and severely bruised her left eye is much wider after treatment. Will follow with several sessions
  • Female (mid sixties) suddenly began to experience tenderness in both breasts.  Has been on the same bio-identical  hormones for years and doesn’t understand where this is coming from. Performed MLD Checking in with her over the weekend, she informed she is feeling much better and is grateful.  Hopes to see me later this week.  Just received text from her asking if my technique helps with edema of the knee.
  • Female ( 40 years old) diagnosed with Hashimoto and suffering from fatigue and joint pain. Performed Connective Tissue in three separate sessions over a five day period, concentrating on sacrum and thyroid reflexes. Recommended home bathing with seaweed  plus dry body brushing to stimulate circulation. Also, Heating Compresses. Client compliant. Sleep improved, inflammation reduced, energy levels up. Client looks and feels much better. Feels confident she has the tools to counter effects of Hashimoto.  
  • My husband, because he loves MLD – a token of my appreciation for all he does.
  • Teenage acne. One MLD treatment produced amazing results: Reduced redness and inflammation. Will continue to treat

 I love what I do because I feel as though I am making a difference and creating new and lasting connections.

ASTECCians….please share. Would love to hear the about your current cases!.

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