When Gratitude Overflows and Realizing the True Power of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

I am so filled with gratitude. Thank you, thank you.

On a particularly difficult morning in which I was wrestling with the business side of MLD, I was reminded of the real purpose of my work. I returned home from a gratifying hands-on session with an elderly client suffering with severe pain down her legs (for which her physician had suggested cortisone injections) to find two emails in my inbox. Both were from former students and with their permission I share them with you below.

“I would like tell you about my recent and successful experience using MLD to treat breast calcifications. Inspired by our conversation regarding Dr. Vodder MLD and women’s health, I designed a 10-series wellness treatment plan specifically for women. It includes 2-3 MLD sessions/week (60 minutes each) and the treatment is focused solely on breasts and abdomen. A 57 y.o. female patient with cup size DDD came in recently with a mammogram positive for breast calcifications. She went through the 10 treatment series and a repeat mammogram shortly after the course of treatment showed no signs of calcifications. The patient also reported improved digestion and a more relaxed state of mind. Her breast tissues got much softer, and the undertone of the skin of the breasts lightened up. This is an exciting and expected result. Thank you for all your guidance!” – Katya Kurdryavtseva, NYC

“Hi Anne, just wanted to share this with you. I am attaching two photos of a woman who recently had major face surgery. Three weeks post surgery she was still very swollen especially on one side of her face. Her skin color was yellow and gray. After one hour of MLD her skin color completely changed. She looked much healthier and the swelling went down a lot. I was very happy with the result and so was she. Thank you for teaching me this wonderful technique.” – Loreta Granel, Laguna Beach

What a blessed life.

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