The Ultimate Rejuvenating Treatment: Where Aesthetics Embrace Therapy. 

If one 30 minute MLD session can affect the skin of a 75 year old male, what do you think a series of treatments might accomplish?  

ASTECC’s  Dynamic Duo: MLD & CTM

The Ultimate Rejuvenating Treatment: Where Aesthetics Embrace Therapy. 

Combining connective tissue with MLD not only lifts, tones, sculpts and elasticizes the skin but it also can alleviate headaches, neck and jaw pain, sinus congestion, skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, sensitivity and dryness while promoting deep rest and relaxation.

Here is why it’s important:

Chronic inflammation is recognized as one of the major accelerators of aging. Chronic stress is recognized as one of the major causes of inflammation.

Everything, in fact, seems to point to lifestyle: the wrong foods, not enough exercise, too much alcohol, digital intoxication, environmental intoxication and, of course, the stresses of work environments, raising children and relationships. 

The list goes on and knowing which way to turn can be, at times, rather daunting and confusing.

In our hectic, demanding world of beauty and well-being we recognize that so many of our clients’ concerns are linked to similar root causes: chronic stress and chronic inflammation.

Do you have any answers for your clients? Are you able to help them?

By following ASTECC’s wholistic approach the answer is a resounding YES. 

How and Why?  

First and foremost when the body is operating in sympathetic overload, it impacts not only the immune system but our digestive system, sleep patterns, respiration and our healing and repair.

Our hands-on therapy of manual lymphatic drainage has proved to be highly effective in lowering sympathetic tone, reducing high blood pressure, normalizing respiration and inducing deep relaxation and sleep, thereby overriding the negative effects of stress while providing clients greater resistance. 

Secondly, the lymphatic system removes inflammatory mediators such as foreign organisms, pathogens, dust, dyes, dead cells and debris which could lead to congestion within the tissues spaces.  This natural clearance allows for improved delivery of nutrients and hydration of tissues.  By keeping ‘our internal ocean’ clear and in motion we maintain a pristine environment in which our cells thrive.

Emil Vodder’s MLD was, and remains, an ingenious creation designed to promote health, beauty and vitality. 

In MLD, we always begin on the neck;  the area is known as ‘Profundus’. Lying under this) is the Jugular Foramen. From this foramen exits the Vagus Nerve.  

There is a great deal of conversation regarding the relevance of The Vagus Nerve, as part of the enteric nervous system, and para-sympathetic system.  The work we do in this area is extremely effective in inducing a deep relaxation response.  

This same area is a point of focus in CTM – and it is indeed profound.

This is why these two therapies together have become ASTECC’s dynamic duo.  

In the meantime look at these remarkable images from one of our Clinical Wellness practitioners who is also a Thermographer.  Note: The inflammation is virtually gone after a series of MLD.  This is extracted from a previous ASTECC blog.

Inflammation and stress reduction are key to a rejuvenation protocol.

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